Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Updates

I can't believe January is almost over! We've just been plugging away. Here's what we've been up to:

Joel: Job hunting and Wii since he's now done with High School. He's also started a college English Composition class. He did get a job and will be a server at a very uptown restaurant here called Timberline Steakhouse. Here's a picture of him when he returned triumphantly from landing this job. P.S. He wore the black shirt and slacks because he knew it was the uniform there. He added Jim's tie when he got home just to see what it looked like. Pretty sharp I think. He's been donating plasma twice a week which pays pretty well too. As we speak, Joel is in the garage helping a friend install some speakers. Joel sold them to him. (College kid needs money!)

Kayla: She comes home from guard practice and has evidence of fighting with her rifle. It's been giving her fits. Her guard team has begun travelling quite a bit for competition. I get to go with them on an overnight to Kansas City next month so hopefully I'll get some good pictures to post. Kayla has also been busy with cadet teaching where she goes to help the first grade art teacher. Right now she's gone to be a big sister for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Her schedule is full.

Noelle: Her busiest moments are on Tuesday and Thursdays. She goes directly to Wizard of Oz practice after school and then directly from there to winter guard. She doesn't get home until around 8:00 on those days. She's almost finished learning her lines as Dorothy and we're anxiously awaiting the day of her performance. She's thrilled on days like today when she has no homework. Right now she's chilling in front of the TV.

Angie: Her school just celebrated being in school for 100 days this year. They had a big celebration with a snack that had 100 pieces (like a trail mix...whoever counted out all those snacks probably was going crazy by the end). They also had 100 physical activities to do such as 10 jumping jacks, 10 push ups...all equalling 100. She was bummed that she came home with a temp that day. We kind of think the pressure of it all was getting to her because she didn't stay sick too long. Right now she's over at the neighbor girls playing.
Ryan: Potty training is going pretty well. As you can see from the photo he's taking after his big brother on the way he wears his pants. Actually we think that the pants that used to fit him with a diaper are now too big again :0) My good friend Spider Man is peeking out as you can see. Right now Ryan is "helping" install some speakers for Joel's friend HAHA.

Jim: Pretty much the same thing with work. He turned 43 this month. Joel and I made this cake for him the day before his birthday. By the time his birthday was actually here, this is how much of it was gone. It was soo good that we couldn't wait. I found the recipe here. It's all Pioneer Woman's fault that we couldn't wait. We have plans to try all of her recipes!

Me: Same as Jim, but not as old HA...just 42. We shared this cake :0)
Until the next Grand Adventure,
Yvonne and crew

Monday, January 7, 2008

Praise Report

Well, I have my family and this guy to thank (new Spidey underware!). Ryan is well on his way to being potty trained! Over Christmas break we went to be with my family. We figured out that Ryan responds to huge praises so while the whole family was together we worked on the potty training. Every time he had success the whole gang would erupt into WILD cheering. By the end of the day anyone coming out of the bathroom received the same response. That's my family for you LOL. I say, whatever works.

Today we had no accidents at all at church. In fact, I think Ryan expected his Sunday School class to give him the same response. His teacher said that after he successfully went potty he came out and announced, "Hey everybody! I went potty!"You gotta' love that little guy. We still have a ways to go, but I am so thankful that he's interested now!

Is potty training a grand adventure? It is around here!

Until the next grand adventure,
Yvonne and crew