Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I believe we've now forgotten what it's like to go to school and work! They called another snow day tomorrow. The last time we were in school was January 31st. We have been enjoying the time off, but I have a feeling we will wish that we had been in school, come the end of May, especially when it'll be so close to a certain wedding date!

Today the kids went and played at the Y and I went to lunch and stamped with Stacy. It was enjoyable for all. I think the kids were excited to see their friends and I was happy for some adult conversation. All in all, they have been excellent little cabin dwellers. I can't complain.

So, not much new to report....Wait a minute!! What am I thinking? Little Man lost a tooth. Now that's some news, especially since he let it hang in his mouth forever. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Snow Fun!

We are on day three of a week of snowdays. Tomorrow has already been called off too. Rather than going stir crazy we have been keeping busy. Every morning Jim sits down and writes up a to do list for the kids which includes everything from getting dressed to playing outside. We have cleaned rooms, baked, watched movies, gone sledding (except for me...I prefer to watch the beauty of the snow from indoors with coffee in hand), and studied. The kids get excited about checking their lists and marking things off. It's been so peaceful. I'm going to hate to see it end.
The only thing that would make this snow week better would be if our college kids were here. We miss them. Jim and the younger set of kids ventured over to see them, to take food and to go sledding. I guess the roads are still pretty crummy. They are home safe now and I can smell the spaghetti supper cooking. I'd better post a couple of pictures and go enjoy the family some more :0)

We love you,
Jim, Yvonne and Kids

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Rough Spot

I guess it's another growing season because our rough spot with Ryan hasn't seemed to go away yet. I really don't want to turn this blog into "all about our troubles", but could you keep remembering us? I try to get here to post a picture every day, but I'm just not making it. I'll keep making attempts though :0)
Yvonne and crew