Thursday, February 5, 2009

Counting Down

I know I've been a bad blogger. I've been incredibly busy getting ready to go to the Philippines. I have finished writing the lessons that I will be teaching and now I'm concentrating on getting the family ready for me to be gone. I don't think any of us will be "ready" for it, but you know what I mean. There are just certain instructions that a mom has to go through, like what colors to wash together and how to use the crock pot. I'm confident that my family will be fine especially with so many praying for all of us.

Speaking of prayer requests here are some for you.

1. I'm coming down with a cold and feeling kind of crummy. I've been so careful to get sleep and use hand sanitizer and I've now added drinking Airborne to my regime. It's still coming on and I'm feeling tired. Please pray for this to be healed quickly.

2. Travel will begin on Monday, February 9th at 12:45 from Wichita. Please pray for safety and for easy connections both ways.

3. Please pray for my parents that are having to stay. My father's health is still not up to par and it's discouraging for them.

4. Please pray for my family and I would say especially Angie and Ryan as change is not always the easiest on them. Pray for the Jim and the girls as they hold down the fort. Single parenting is not easy.

5. Please pray for me on February 24th and 25th (see clock to the right). Those are the days I will be speaking. I am not a public speaker by nature...I'd rather just get the stage ready for someone else...but I know my God has called me to this and I want to be a faithful servant and willing vessel to be used by Him. He's so graciously given me the lessons already and already taught me much through them. Please pray that I can boldly stand up and speak what He wants me to say. I have a tendency to get emotional when speaking of things dear to my heart so please pray that I will be able to deliver the messages with only a few tears if He chooses.

I most likely won't be able to blog again until I get back. I might be able to facebook, but I don't have any guarantees that I'll be next to a computer. Thank you to all of you that read this and agree to pray for me. I so much appreciate it.

Awaiting the Philippine Grand Adventure,