Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Long Overdue Post

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Let me catch you up on what's been going on. I'll try and find a picture here and there to post too.

My grandpa is doing good in recovering from surgery. It'll take time to be 100%. It was a very precious time to all (or most of us) get to be with him the day before his surgery. He led us in a communion meditation from his bed in the hospital and in a time of prayer. It was so special and even more special because he came through the surgery doing well.

Joel is a graduate now and into the working world. He took some of his money and bought a moped because the price of gas is so high and he was tired of paying it. It's great if it's not raining :0) He had taken it to Sonic to work one day and just as he got on the moped to come home the sky opened up and poured. He said that as he turned on to our street it became a light drizzle and as he pulled in our driveway it stopped and the sun started shining. He just kept telling himself, "120 miles to the gallon, 120 miles to the gallon..." Too funny.

Kayla is gearing up for Taiwan in 9 days. I'm trying not to think about how long she'll be gone. She's really my third arm around here. She's in charge of three days of VBS while she's there so she's been writing lessons and getting all of us involved in cutting out craft stuff. She got me signed up on Facebook so I can keep in touch with her and be able to view her pictures.

Noelle is taking a PE class for the entire month of June. It runs the same hours as a regular school day and when she's all done with it she will have completed all the credits she'll ever need for PE in High School without dragging it out. They go bowling, putt putt golfing, swimming, etc along with the normal game type activities. She comes home pretty tired. Last week the guard practiced from 3:00-8:00 on some nights so that's a LOT of physical activity. She's pooped most of the time. I don't blame her. Right at the end of the school year they had an awards banquet for the color guards (Jr. High and Sr. High). Noelle received an award for being the most valued guard member for the Jr. High. How cool is that?

Angie is taking summer school classes this month as well and is loving the first grade building. They go on field trips and do all kinds of fun activities. She even got to tour a chocolate candy house and got a take home treat (which I got none of! I need to teach her to share more!) If the weather is nice she's outside from the time she gets home until bath time. She's becoming a little brown baby. I think her skin tones make that happen pretty fast.

Ryan has been home with me since school got out. He's loving being at home, but has started asking about "school". I told the CP center that I'd like to keep him home with me and they wondered when I'd be bringing him back. He does have speech therapy there and really needs it. I told them I'd bring him back on the 16th of June so as to give me at least three weeks with him. I had REALLY wanted to get the potty training thing done and over with in that time, but he's being a little stinker about it. I have an appointment for him to see a child psychologist to see if he has tendencies towards his mom's aspergers or anything else that might be hindering him in this area. Please really keep him (and me) in your prayers. It is a very trying time that I'd like to be past.

A few months ago we bought a rental house that needed some fixing up. It's over in Newton, KS where my folks live so Jim's been going over and working on the house to get it ready to rent. It was a lot of painting and fixing up stuff, but I think it's close at this point. My dad will be managing it and says that he has people asking about it so hopefully soon that will be in motion. He is currently in the garage on his next project...a new top for the Miata because the old one leaked so bad.

Me? Well, since school has gotten out I've been cleaning out closets and sorting stuff for a garage sale (and taking care of Little Man). Last week our case worker that had our kids before the adoption called and asked if we could do respite for baby Tyler again. When we did respite for him before he was only scooting. That was two months ago and he's now running and into everything. I said, "sure" because he was so cute. Then before he actually got here (she set that up a couple of weeks in advance) she called again and this time wondered if I'd take a seven month old little girl (her name is Zebbie). I hesitated because as you know, Tyler was on the schedule to come. She told me that she's really cute and a good baby. I covered up the mouthpiece to the phone and asked Kayla if I should take her and if I did would she help. What do you think she said? Yep, so as of today I have two babies (Tyler came today and Zebbie has been here since last Tuesday night). So far as of 8:30 tonight they all were in bed (including ours) bathed and asleep and the house it picked up! No, I'm not super mom. I have super helpers. Oh, and I'm taking care of the dogs across the street too but just until tonight. Anyway, I wish I was allowed to post a picture of the kiddos because they're super cute, but I'm not allowed to so you'll just have to take my word for it :0)

We all also travelled to Jim's parent's house for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was wonderful to see lots of family and also meet people that we didn't know before...many that told us that they had prayed for Jim four years ago when he feel through the ceiling. How awesome is that?

I think that catches us up. Now to go find some pictures for you :0)

Until the Next Grand Adventure (and hopefully not so long in between),

Yvonne and crew (plus Tyler and Zebbie)