Monday, October 20, 2008

Talking Politics

Today in first grade the kids got to vote for president. Much to our dismay, Angie voted for NO'Bama. She couldn't remember his name; only that it started with a "B". We just couldn't figure it out since we talk politics all the time around here. We finally asked her what made her make that choice. She said, "He has hair!" Ok, we want a re-vote. Seriously, if only it were that easy!

Until the Next Grand Adventure,
Yvonne and crew

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Been a While

I know...I'm a bad blogger right now. It seems like once school started we've been on a dead run. Here's an update on us.

Joel is doing well in college. He absolutely loves his freedom and we're happy that he has it. He's earned it. Recently the dorm he's in had an open house night for parents to come see the rooms. Of course we jumped on that one. We got there and we were pleased that we could actually see the floor! I think his room mate has had some influence on him. The other thing we noticed was that they were playing elevator music. Maybe it was for our benefit, but it seemed that they actually enjoyed it. I asked why he couldn't have gone through that phase while living at home. If you'd like to see his Acts class you can actually watch it online here. You'll need to scroll down just a bit to see the class selections.

Here's a prayer request for Joel. The furniture rescue place where he was working slowed down with work that they didn't need him anymore so he's without a job and is looking again. Please pray that the right one comes along.

Kayla is busy with color guard. Since she is a senior this year she has a solo part in the halftime show which is just beautiful. The band is doing a patriotic theme this year so it's very moving. At one point the girls are running with HUGE red, white and blue flags. They say they are so heavy. Kayla also decided to try out for the school play (Music Man) and got a part as a singer/dancer/crowd. She was happy with that. She and Noelle both got the same part so they do a lot of singing and dancing for us around here.

Here's a prayer request for Kayla. This is the year that she's doing a lot of thinking and praying about where to go to college. Please pray that God leads her to a place that best brings out her gifts and talents. She has a very strong desire to go into missions.

Noelle is also in color guard and the school play so it's nice for her to have a big sister that chauffeurs her around in a cute little red car. Their schedules are the same so it's nice for us not to have to worry about dropping off or picking up. Noelle was chosen as the Freshman Student of the Month for October. Mrs. Mize nominated her because Noelle had heard in another class that her husband had recently had surgery. Noelle made it a point to go in and see how her husband was doing and Mrs. Mize thought that was so thoughtful.

Here's a prayer request for Noelle. She really wishes that she had a close friend. She has girls that she hangs out with, but there's not any one person to call a best friend and Noelle really misses that. She's had a really good friend move away recently and is finding it hard to replace that.

Angie is full swing into First Grade. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Fowler (which half the time she says Flower). She is fortunate enough to be in the class with the two deaf children and their interpreter. She learned so much sign language last year. The word is that they are going to keep the same kids together with the deaf kids so those kids can develop friendships. She is learning to read, spell and do math. It's difficult for her because of her neglect, but she's hanging in there. The picture I posted is from a school event for fall.

Here's a prayer request for Angie. Right now she's having a hard time not talking in class so she's not getting her work done. I think it's hard for her to focus so she moves on to something she would rather She's also having trouble with obedience and not trying to be the boss. Please pray for her school progress and for an obedient, pliable heart.

Ryan is talking up a storm now. It's very rare that we don't understand what he's saying even though he doesn't say things as clearly as he should. He told us the other day he told us that he wanted to be "inkable hook" when he grows up. HUH? Translation...the Incredible Hulk. He's one busy little boy. He's recently learned to pump his legs on the swing so he can do it himself.

Here's a huge prayer request for Ryan. He still is not potty trained. He's not even close. He is refusing this process and I'm really weary from it all...ok so this prayer request is for me. Please, please pray that he just gets this and the sooner the better. We've been working for about a year and a half and it feels like we've made no progress.

Jim recently went to an event called "Men's Encounter" and loved it. He was a wonderful husband and dad before this, but he's even better now. He's now committed himself to getting more and more guys to attend the next events. He's also helping with the concession stands at the soccer fields once a week and also has been going into Angie's class once a week on his day off to help listen to the kids read. I love this man!

Here's a prayer request for Jim. Right now on his plate along with his regular job is an event the church does as an alternative to Halloween. It's a lot of work getting volunteers all lined up. Please pray that he is able to find all the helpers he needs and that it all comes together.

I have been busy at work since school started which is why there's such a long dry spell in between blog posts. At the beginning of the year the central office hired me to help my boss with the free and reduced lunch applications. That lasted about two weeks. They've since asked me to stock, order and keep track of the money for two milk vending machines which gave me another half an hour a day. Then the superintendent of schools asked me to help out at central office getting a huge report ready to send to the state. It involves spreadsheets and knowing the Powerschool system inside and out. I'm learning it as I go. So now, I go to work at central office from 8:30-10:00 and then go to the High School from 10:00-1:00 and then back over to central office until 3:00. My most favorite new thing is that two evenings a week I go to aquasize at the High School pool.

Here's a prayer request for me. I have been asked to go to the Philippines in February with the group my parents and Joel have gone with in the past. There's a lot to do to get ready for that, including raising support. Please pray that God takes care of all the details of this trip and that I am able to glorify him through my service.

Well, if you've read this far, pat yourself on the back! I'll try and post more often. We love you!

Until the Next Grand Adventure,
Yvonne and crew

p.s. Kayla says I never take pictures of her or Noelle, but in my defense, they're not here a whole lot so I'll try and catch some soon. They might be sleeping though! LOL