Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Star is Born

This mama couldn't be more proud of her daughter and her leading role in "The Wizard of Oz". I sat with tears streaming down my cheeks as she sang "Over the Rainbow". She has such a clarity and sweetness to her voice. We are just so proud of her and all the hours of practice that she put into this role. Besides Oz practice twice a week (and more at the end) she also had color guard practice on the same days. So, she went from Oz practice to color guard and didn't get home from school until 8:00. Throughout that whole time she was considerate of her family even though she was usually tired. She would come home and collapse on the couch. She has still maintained a straight A average and tried out and made color guard for high school next year (during the Oz practice months).

We were so excited because both sides of the family came for the production. I have pictures of everyone, but I figure that tonight's blog with all the pictures will make some computers kind of slow. I'll save that for another post. Enjoy the pictures. You can click on them to enlarge them.

Until the Next Grand Adventure,
Yvonne and crew

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Know You Have a Lot of Kids When...

You forget one! No, I didn't leave anyone at Wal-Mart or anything, but I did somehow miss posting Noelle's hat day picture! Here she is :0)

Only 5 more days until "D" Day (Dorothy Day). She's doing so well on her lines for Wizard of Oz! I know I'll have some fun pictures to post after that!

Ok, last post for the day LOL. Keep scrolling down. There's more.

When Mom Gets Sick...

It doesn't take long for little ones to turn the place upside down! Ryan was home this week with bronchitis and he decided to share the love with me. I should have just been checked out the day I took him in because I ended up going the very next day (yesterday). I'm happy to report that the $125 worth of drugs are working (thank goodness for insurance!). Valentine's Day was a bit of a bummer needless to say so Jim and I are going out ourselves!

I actually did two blogs today! Keep scrolling for the next one.

Until the Next Grand Adventure,

Yvonne and crew

She's Still My Little Girl

This week we bought a big appliance so we kept the box for the little ones to play in. It's been moved all over the house and has created lots of hours of enjoyment. Today it was being colored to look like a house. This picture warms my heart because Kayla, grown up as she is, is still my little girl. Last night she announced that she was sleeping in the box. The big kids used to do that when they were little. They also would make cocoons on the bottom bunk by stuffing the blankets into the boards that held up the top bunk. (I have pictures of those cocoons around here the "to be scrapped some year pile").

Kayla reports that is was pretty warm in the box. It did make us think about those whose lives are lived in actual boxes. In April the CCO youth group is going to be helping the homeless shelter in town by serving food. At night they will be going back up to the church parking lot and sleeping in boxes. We'll have the kids report on how that goes afterwards.
Until the next Grand Adventure,
Yvonne and crew

Monday, February 11, 2008


Last Saturday our Little Man turned 4 years old! Thank you to grandparents and friends who made the day special with your cards and gifts. He loved it all! Unfortunately for Ryan he also got sick on his birthday and is still feeling puny :0( Lots of crud is going around. We celebrated his birthday a day early because the older kids were all going to be gone on Saturday. His birthday is really on the 9th. Notice that the birthday was complete with Spiderman accessories!

In other news...we woke up this morning to thunderstorms (with power, thank goodness!). A quick check on the TV told us that there was NO SCHOOL! We love snow days. Well, we all do except Angie. She started crying when it was announced. The reason? Today was hat day at school and she was really bummed that she wouldn't get to wear her hat to school. So, we declared it hat day here :0) Angie picked out my hat for me LOL. I can't wait for tomorrow. It's wear your PJ's to school. I wonder if we'll be doing it at home again.

Today we worked on Valentines, played video games, baked cookies, played at the neighbors (Angie), watched movies and worked on art projects. It was great fun!

Until the next Grand Adventure,
Jim, Yvonne and kids